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How come online dating overtime for why is dating so hard men nevertheless entirely possible that women of all ages

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Hello … my dad put the bag on him 15 days ago and as a daughter it is affecting me a lot emotionally and when I am with him I show that I am very happy to see him recovering how I could help him without worrying about how he feels because there is days that he is happy and days that are sad … besides he cannot urinate and has a catheter, it will normalize him to go to urinate … I await your answer, thank you

Hi Yuli, thank you for your comment. In the article you have read you will find general information. To enter particular situations we should do detailed evaluation and therapy sessions. Therefore, in order to help you regain quality of life, I invite you to contact me personally by writing to (hidden)

I went through it, I have been for 2 years and they definitely left me there and I am 56 years old

The bag is not traumatic at all, and you should not see it as an obstacle, the important thing is that your dad is there with you and you get used to it, the probe is temporary and

Hi Juan Carlos, thank you for your comment. Fortunately, almost all people adapt to the bag after a while of using it, and most come to lead a practically normal life. What is difficult is the adaptation process and the doubts that arise about its use at the beginning and, in this sense, both the information of the professionals and what other users like you can say, is of great help.

Hello Juan Carlos, good afternoon, 4 months ago I had a permanent colostomy and a few weeks ago I read about irrigation and I was excited! But my doctor told me that it was not advisable to do the irrigation every day that this could over time have other problems 😞 a question that your Dr thinks about that system and if you could give me the data of your irrigation system that marks is many thanks in advance have a great afternoon !!

Hi Diana, thank you for your comment. Keep in mind that irrigation is only considered an option for some types of colostomies, not all. Having said that, I take the opportunity to tell you that you can ask another doctor at your center about this irrigation system. That is, you can ask for a second opinion if you think you are lacking data to decide, and in this way another professional in the hospital can tell you what they think.

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