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I told him I was gay.

He didn’t leave me because he had reasons in his own way, he stayed with me. He accepted it and we lived like two friends, in that one year. After that, we have already decided to finish. Life Port is a completely free and easy dating system where visitors can post and reply without subscription. Erzurum Single and Widowed Female Friend Telephone Numbers, unlike similar ones, are an easy dating platform where visitors can easily post advertisements, access all postings or reply to them without being a member.

Erzurum Single and Widowed Female Friend Phone Numbers, which are completely free of charge, are a platform where all visitors can benefit equally without a profit. At this point, all the advertisements you place in the categories are immediately approved by the system and published.

However, your message will not be approved and never published in the event that posted advertisements or ad responses contain offensive content or personally identifiable information that can be abused. I am very meticulous and care about my health, although I do not talk big, I can never fall in love with a smoker, even if I cannot kiss him, I feel like I am kissing an ashtray.

Hello, I am sitting in Istanbul Avcilar, I want to build a happy and peaceful home and get married. The person I am looking for must be a serious honest person who is in power in his job, his family structure must be a strong loved one.

In short, it is necessary to be within the framework of sincere honest respect and love, never lie and do. I am 33 years old, learning how cruel and selfish life is by living, I am a straightforward woman. A person cannot know the real life without getting married, I experienced this in my first marriage, the most important thing in marriage is respect, and then trust comes for both parties. I hope that the person I will encounter will be a person of character and decent. I worked until this age to build the home I always wanted, I made some savings and stood on my own feet.

I will already have a home. I have devoted my life to making an academic career. However, now I want to take steps for love and move things forward in the name of love. This seems to be going through here with a little bit of different communication and experiences. For this reason, I definitely need a person who can express himself to me.

Consider this, I work as a disabled person in a public institution in Izmir, I have a slight tab on my feet, and also there is a problem in my eyes. Thinking that these are a test of God, I hand over the conditions ordered by Islam as I find time. I am a faithful person, always on the side of truth, who never loves lies. I have financial problems, but I have peace of mind. I am Selma, I have a tailor workshop of my own and I usually sew wedding dresses and wedding dresses for my incoming customers.

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