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dating is harder for guys: The particular Simple fact Associated with Courting Around Your 30s When A new Gentleman

I liked your story, especially when you talk about the trials we endure. I am a single mother by choice, I have always been clear about it and I meet people who congratulate me and support me, but I have also met people who do not understand, or who say things like «I don’t know … because of who you are, I don’t understand why you don’t expect to meet someone »… which leaves me a little perplexed. In this Spain, it is necessary to make more than 2 million single-parent families more visible …

After my personal experience and that of many friends, the problem of dating a single / separated / divorced mother is not her / their children but … the FATHER, welcome WIDOWS, in addition all the possibilities of problems are covered both for if you get along with him or if you get along.

We are going to be somewhat sincere and it may hurt here and be labeled selfish but …

– 1.A Discussions with the father that your boyfriend directly or indirectly affect your partner, when you argue and you are sad / angry / angry about the father of your child, how do you think your current boyfriend will feel? , like your bad or worse …. (source of problems that feed back, the one that hurt you and hurts me by rebounding too …)

2. Weekends, vacations and bridges, someone does not know someone who has lost the hotel money, for designing a bridge with his current dream partner, since the father has to take care of the child, and the day before the father He says that he also goes on vacation with his girlfriend and that he looks for life …, many times these parents try to rebuild their lives and many times their children do not have those weekends that are their turn, otherwise it is easier, single father see less of their child than the single mother, 69.9% women have custody of their child, while only 5.1% of men have custody, the rest is shared.

3. Let’s talk about everything without mincing words, economics … nobody knows any single mother whose father does not pay child support or does it “in his own way”?

This option is sometimes even worse, for many reasons, if they get along there is always the shadow that they will be a family again and you would be totally out of the game, you are a stranger and if they get along, imagine how the child They will be with their parents, they will always choose him before their mother’s boyfriend, and the mother, for the happiness of her son / daughter, SHOWS HER OWN and will make the SACRIFICES whatever …

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