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She is a player who does not matter if she is Nº1, Nº15 or Nº40, but better if she is number one, that always gives credibility to the player and the brand. In the end you have to win and Naomi is winning. For us it is very important for several reasons, the first being Japanese and Yonex is a 100% Japanese brand, out there we have a key national identification for the development of identity. On the other hand, this girl has shown to have a lot of personality to speak on and off the track, she has seen her position on racial problems in the United States. But this is no longer marketing, they are feelings that come directly from the heart, although this has led her to become an ambassador for this social conflict. Her fame has long surpassed the world of tennis, so Yonex is happy to have a player of this personal stature. Sometimes it takes a lot to get athletes to open their mouths to say something interesting.

At the sales level, has Osaka’s boom been more of a hit than Wawrinka’s in 2015?

It is still a bit premature to say this, Naomi is starting her career right now, apart from the fact that men’s tennis and women’s tennis have nothing to do with it. It’s hard to compare, but with Wawrinka it was also crazy. Adding up her successes on the track, the story of those shorts at Roland Garros and her humble way of being has brought us many, many successes. People see her and treat her as if they knew her forever, as if she were their best friend, they call her Stan! She has a closeness to the fan that maybe Nadal or Djokovic, who are more stars, do not have. For Yonex it is a very positive image, it allows us to do many things with it; On the other hand, Naomi is more like Federer, she is a diva who lives in her own dimension, despite being only 22 years old. They are two different characters but, at the sales level, Wawrinka was much bigger. I can tell you that Yonex was born again in 2015 thanks to him. Not that we disappeared, but Stan made Yonex a popular brand again. Now we are in all the stores and we have many great players, but the zero point was put by Wawrinka.

You can make a great racket, but if a superstar isn’t wearing it, the sales won’t come.

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