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To do this, he signs up for a cultural center, Boca Norte, where he will meet the rest of his new gang and with which he will form a dance group. Its first season is available on Playz, and it only has six chapters. Perfect for a marathon!

What is the biggest drama that has happened to you? Surely someone similar to that of Africa, a twenty-something who lives with her best friends and who is looking for the father of the child she is expecting. It stars Elisabet Casanovas (who you can also see in Merlí), Artus Busquets and Júlia Bonjoch. Drama, shot in Spanish and Catalan, you can enjoy its six full chapters on Playz.

Grasa stars Pedro “El Grasa” (Kike Pérez) is a troubled criminal who leads a chaotic life: he smokes, drinks, takes drugs and eats too much, taking into account his overweight. One day, as expected, his body scares him and Pedro suffers a heart attack. Against all odds, he survives, but from now on he must always wear a heart rate monitor and change his habits if he wants to stay alive. Fate will take you to some unique Pilates classes that will radically transform your existence. Have you been wanting to know more? Do not miss the six chapters of Fat in Playz.

In RTVE Digital there is also no lack of thrillers and mystery series such as Néboa or Malaka, and if you want to get hooked on its next season you have to see La Caza. Monteperdido,

Based on the book “Monteperdido” by Agustín Martínez, La Hunting tells of the disappearance and search of two eleven-year-old girls. Megan Montaner, Alain Hernández and Francis Lorenzo play the role of those investigating these strange disappearances. The hunt. Monteperdido consists of eight chapters available on RTVE A la carte, and that you cannot miss if you want to catch up to see La Caza. Tramuntana, the second part of the series and which Féliz Gómez joins.

Emma Suárez gets into the role of an inspector who has to investigate the mysterious death of a young woman during the Entroido on the fictional Galician island of Néboa. A murder that already took place years ago on two occasions. Will it be the same murderer? Who is committing these crimes? You can discover it in the eight chapters of the series on RTVE A la carte.

Malaka tells of the investigation into the disappearance of the daughter of an important businessman from Malaga. It will be taken over by two policemen haunted by their past and given life by Salva Reina and Maggie Civantos. Despite being very different, they will have to combine their ways of working to solve the case in the eight chapters that you have available on the web. Do not miss it!

If what you are looking for are series that tell the stories of overcoming women or you can miss The Other Look, Isabel or La Señora.

Seville, 1920. An Academy of Young Ladies is the protagonist of The Other Look in a tribute to the educational institution. This fiction with a large female cast, portrays the society of the time through adult and young women. Teachers and students share very current problems and challenges. Starring Macarena García, Patricia López Arnaiz and Ana Wagener, its two seasons are complete on RTVE A la carte.You will not regret seeing it! Here you have the first episode of the series.

The series that tells the story of Isabel la Católica, from her childhood to her death, and is considered one of the best historical fictions. Delve into the history of Isabel, who with her defects and virtues, did not stop fighting to become queen! In addition to all the historical events, it also narrates the passions, emotions and resignations of a woman ahead of her time and who was not satisfied with obeying the orders of men who only wanted her as a way of change. Isabel, starring Michelle Jenner and Rodolfo Sancho, consists of 39 chapters in three seasons that you have available A la carte on RTVE.

The Lady tells the story of Victoria, a young lady from a bourgeois family in the 1920s who has to take over the family business after the death of her father at a time when women lack their own rights and initiatives. Ahead of her times, Victoria breaks with all the molds of the society in which she lives. The series also tells the story of its protagonist’s impossible love with Ángel. It stars Adriana Ugarte, Rodolfo Sancho and Roberto Enríquez. If you want to know her story in full, you cannot miss the three complete and free seasons of La Señora on RTVE A la carte.

‘Inés del alma mía’, the story of Inés Suárez full of love and war on the other side of the Atlantic

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