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10 rules to support online dating rules obtain the ideal significant other

Can you keep a woman interested?

Or is it often the case that you get to know a woman, things go really well at the beginning and after a few days she becomes more and more distant?

Do you fall in love with women much more often than they do with you and do you invest more emotions than them from the start?

Incidentally, it is not (alone) your fault! Rather, it is due to our new lifestyle with smartphones, less and less meaningful hobbies, overstimulation and a lack of communication skills.

Boredom and constant availability quickly make us uninteresting – and that applies to women AND men.

It is therefore important to practice more intuitive behavior again and to implement this in communication with the opposite sex.

So what can you do to keep a woman interested?

Only write to a woman if there is a reason or you have a reason!

For example, to arrange the next date. Or when you send her a link to a video, article, or book that you talked about. Maybe you want to tell her something or tell her urgently. In this case, however, keep it short and don’t get into small talk afterwards.

Why is this so important in keeping a woman interested?

You avoid oversaturation. If you write for days or weeks without meeting, it will be too much. At some point the time will come when the part who is less interested will withdraw.

A woman who is emotionally starved will enjoy daily good morning and good evening text messages. But here you should think about later. A woman like that will expect you in a relationship to keep in touch and always be there for her. A stable relationship must also be able to withstand a distance!

In addition, online communication should never be a substitute for a real meeting!

You run the risk of putting the woman on a pedestal and interpreting your idea of ​​a dream woman into this strange woman.

You can only tell in real terms: Does it smell good? Do you find their body language attractive? Do you like her smile How does she react to you? How do you feel around her? When writing, it’s easy to cover up a lot!

You met the woman online and you live far apart? Even then, you shouldn’t overdo it when writing. Just check whether the chemistry is right and force a meeting as soon as possible.

Most men who have little success with women have one thing in common: They don’t have a life of their own, they fixate themselves on a woman far too quickly.

That might sound a little exaggerated. Sure, everyone can somehow get by on their own, at best has a job, hobbies and friends.

But it gets bad when you start to align your life with hers, even if you don’t really know each other yet.

She only has Friday? You cancel the planned men’s evening.

She wanna meet you thursday night? You skip your training.

She wants to meet you in the afternoon? You quit work earlier just for them, even if that means additional stress the next day.

A woman will also notice that you do not have a full life if you are constantly glued to your smartphone and answer her messages in seconds.

You should never put your friends, hobbies, and needs behind for a woman.

A man who looks attractive to women never upsets his plans just because a woman comes into his life.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should pretend that you are constantly busy and that only you set the dates.

It just means that a woman should be an extra asset and not fill a void in your life.

If you are not fulfilled in your life: Change your job and finally do the training or further education that you have been dreaming of for so long.

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