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10 procedures that can help online dating rules uncover an excellent partner

Also, it seems pretty desperate to shower new Internet acquaintances with news.

If you want to look interesting, make yourself scarce. That means, write back at most twice a day, and then no longer texts than him or her.

Your investment in the chat should always be balanced, only that is communication at eye level!

How does a conversation usually go between friends? You get from one topic to another without there really being a logical red thread:

He: I recently bought a new toaster.

She: Oh, I love toast, especially with strawberry jam.

He: Speaking of which: As a child, I was always picking strawberries with my parents.

You: Sweet, are there any photos of?

He: Yes, as I stand in the middle of the field with a raincoat and rubber boots!

You: Haha, rubber boots are just coming back into fashion, I heard …

He: Are you very interested in fashion? I like to go shopping, even if it’s atypical for men.

What I want to tell you with these (fictional) example sentences: Once the conversation goes on during online dating, it runs by itself, thanks to such loose associations.

So don’t worry too much about “logic” and don’t work through a rigid catalog of questions like in an interview. Instead, just pick up on what you get to read in the chat to deepen and spin the topic further.

And: Don’t just always ask questions, but also contribute your own opinions, experiences and interests!

Flirting also means always bringing in a dash of joke and teasing the other. This creates the stomach tingling sensation that provides sexual attraction.

… then you go back to the go, like with Monopoly (and don’t collect 4,000 euros)

In other words: Take another look at the profile of your virtual counterpart and talk about any hobbies or other things that you can find there – just as you hopefully did when you first sent us a message.

This is how a bumpy chat gets rolling again.

And now? Nothing going on except typing on the mobile phone? It doesn’t have to! Getting a date is actually quite easy – at least easier than most men and women think.

The prerequisite is of course that a sympathy has arisen in the chat that now arouses curiosity for more.

The most important rule: Don’t write back and forth for weeks! Most people at Tinder don’t want to hear your full life story in conversation before they meet you on a date.

Everyone knows: From a certain point (after about 5 messages), pure texting is no longer useful, because you have to meet the other person personally anyway to feel whether it is suitable for a relationship (or sex).

You don’t have to ask for WhatsApp first and then continue writing in WhatsApp until Saint Never’s Day.

Many women even write in their profile that they do not want to text back and forth for long, but prefer to get to know each other personally.

Here, but also with other users, you can write a sentence like:

“Hey, I think you are very sympathetic, but typing at Tinder is too impersonal in the long run. Let’s meet for a coffee to find out if the chemistry is really right.”

Are the chances good that you will be accepted on the date? Clear! Because a meeting like this in a cafĂ© is small, non-binding and does not hurt anyone. After all, after 45 minutes, you can go your separate ways again if it really doesn’t fit.

Did you discover a common hobby in the chat conversation? Perfect! Then you suggest doing something that relates to your common ground while dating. For example:

Pursuing common interests binds men and women together. Also, it won’t be a boring run-of-the-mill meeting like most couples do.

Oh yes: exchanging mobile phone numbers at the end is helpful. So you can discuss the date in more detail by phone or WhatsApp, and communicate more quickly even if there are short-term changes.

By the way, here you will find many more date ideas if you are looking for an activity that will make your meeting a highlight.

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