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10 principles to aid online dating rules discover the ideal spouse

Every woman should know these online dating tips

Online dating is more popular than ever. In order to put a stop to the surplus of men, dating sites sometimes make special offers for women. Membership is free or at least the cost for women is greatly reduced. That lowers the inhibition threshold. But what should women watch out for when dating online? How do you get to know the right men? We share 12 essential online dating tips for women.

In online dating, the profile is the real figurehead. A very important part of this presence on the dating platform is the self-chosen name. A meaningless combination of letters or numbers looks dubious and suggests a fake profile. Names that are too fanciful seem infantile. Too sexy sends the wrong signals.

If you are looking for a serious partnership, you should carefully consider your nickname. With a pseudonym like “SexyLegs25” you can expect lewd offers rather than nicknames like “Lizzy1980” or “BookwormSara”. The combination of an imaginary female first name with the real year of birth is well suited.

Women are particularly critical when it comes to their appearance. However, it is not helpful to go back to old pictures that look particularly successful thanks to Photoshop. Maybe two years ago you had a little less on your ribs and a nicer head of hair. At the latest at the first meeting, however, the truth will come to light anyway. If you have been fooling around in words and pictures beforehand, the disappointment is great.

Profile pictures that are too erotic are a no-go

It is important to ensure that photos are up-to-date and of good quality. The eyes should be clearly visible. A radiant smile is sympathetic. As for make-up and jewelry: less is more. When it comes to clothing: It’s better not to choose an outfit that is too sexy if a committed relationship is sought. Otherwise one suggests more interest in flirtations and one-night stands. If several pictures can be set, a balanced mixture should be presented: a portrait photo, a full body photo (not necessarily in a bikini) and a picture that gives an impression of a hobby.

The more concrete and authentic your own profile is, the better. Instead of listing bland general phrases such as “going out with friends, reading and doing sports” for hobbies, it is better to mention specific activities, book titles and sports. Because common hobbies reveal nothing about character and personality. Every woman has friends with whom she does something. Almost everyone can read and sport is a natural part of a healthy lifestyle.

It makes a big difference whether the woman actually means: “Going to the theater or the opera with friends”, “reading classic German literature by Goethe, Schiller and Lessing” and “playing tennis” or “shopping with friends”, “crime novels Read by Lee Child ”and“ Inline skating ”. The more authentic, honest and direct you appear, the easier it is to find the right man. What is really important is what they have in common. Partnerships cannot be based solely on external appearances.

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Many women hold back online too, waiting to be approached by men. This is convenient and not a problem in itself due to the high surplus of men. Women’s mailboxes are usually bursting at the seams after just a few hours. Answering all contact inquiries could easily fill an entire working day. But it’s about filtering out the right man. If someone looks sympathetic, something special catches the eye in profile, women should take the plunge and approach the man on their own. Men are happy to be approached and usually answer back. Take courage! Unlike women, there is often a yawning emptiness in their mailboxes.

Don’t get annoyed with half your life story

Women would like to communicate and would like to present their entire biography and development in great detail. However, this should be done in a dosed manner. Otherwise you will unintentionally chase the men away. Nobody wants to be confronted with the life story of a stranger on an epic scale at the first online encounter.

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