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10 guidelines to aid online dating rules find the ideal significant other

The photos can be selected individually via the Facebook profile or via your own gallery. In addition, users can describe themselves individually in a biography. In addition, it is possible to complete the profile with further information, including information about interests from a list predefined by Tinder, information about the profession and employer, information about the school or university attended and the place of residence, which of the current GPS localization may differ. It is also possible to link the Instagram profile and connect to the Spotify audio streaming service to select favorite artists and songs. In addition to the information provided when registering, it is possible to select the gender from around 37 gender identities [13] and to show or hide this on the profile. [14] There are also several options for specifying the sexual orientation that can be shown or hidden in the profile.

Tinder presents the user with the profile photos, first name, age and all other voluntary information from the user (profession, employer, university, etc.), of another person who was last in a previously selected area. The app determines the location via GPS data sent to the server [15], unless the user with premium functions has determined the location himself. In addition, the user can view the biography of the person displayed and all other voluntary information. [16] Based on this information, the user decides whether he would be interested in a conversation with the other person. If both users rate each other as interesting, they receive a so-called match, which is displayed to both users. It is only possible to start a conversation with a match. [16]

Using the Facebook profile, Tinder receives the basic information about the user. In order to optimize the person suggestions, the Tinder algorithm analyzes the profile information and the behavior when using the app and assigns them to an app-internal “ELO ranking”, which, however, works differently than the Elo number in many sports. This ranking provides information about how well you are received by other people. The number of matches is a significant part of this process, but other factors, such as the variety of information with which users provide their profile, determine the final place in this ranking. Tinder hopes that the ranking will increase the hit rate of its users. [17] The geographical location, the number of mutual friends and common interests play a special role here. Only after both users have rated each other as attractive can they chat with each other. This way, users have control over who can write to them and are not confronted with messages from people they haven’t previously rated as attractive. Actions within Tinder are not reported on the user’s Facebook profile (this is also not possible voluntarily). With Tinder’s Matchmaker feature, users can create a connection between two of their Facebook friends without them seeing all of your information.

Tinder is available for iOS and Android devices. [18] There are two unofficial apps for smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system. [19] [20] It is also possible on all televisions with Apple TV to use Tinder in HD and on the big screen. [21] Since March 2017 it has also been possible to use Tinder via the browser. [22] The browser version of Tinder also has the WorkMode function, which enables the user to quickly switch between the normal Tinder interface and a website created by Tinder, which by its appearance suggests that the user is working. This is similar to the function of the boss button in computer games and apps. [23] The Tinder Online function does not require any additional software to be installed. [24]

Tinder claims to have six million paying users in 2020. [9] In 2019, the number of paying users was around 4.1 million. [25] Tinder’s commercial target group is women and men between the ages of 18 and 25. [9] According to a study by the US market research company Paragon Poll from 2013, around 20 percent of Tinder users met someone they found out about using Tinder.

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