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Dating Older Men

Have you ever wondered why it is becoming so common to see young women dating older men? In previous centuries, it was the norm for older men to marry younger women, but in recent history there has been a great deal of social bias against this custom. Women who married much older men were often seen as gold diggers, waiting for their older husbands to die and leave them their vast estates. Conversely, families often frowned on seeing their daughters with older men because of the perception that the man was taking advantage of the younger woman. There are practical considerations, as well; men tend to have a shorter lifespan on average, and young women may have to cope with the expectation that their partner will die many years before they do. However, social conventions are increasingly accepting of May-December romances, and it is no longer uncommon to see young women dating older men. Although there may be some skepticism on the part of their families and friends, if the couple is close and shares open communication, there is no reason they cannot overcome these social obstacles and enjoy a long, loving and fulfilling relationship.

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What about young men dating older women? Young women are increasingly dating older men, and the opposite is also true: it is becoming more and more socially acceptable, and even desirable, for a younger man to date an attractive, independent woman who is ten years or more his senior.

What are the advantages of older men dating younger women? Because women tend to mature emotionally earlier than men do, it is not uncommon for a younger woman to seek out an older man who is more sensitive to her emotional needs and who can form a close bond with her.

Why do so many younger women prefer to date older men? Older men tend to be more confident, secure, and emotionally available than their younger counterparts; many woman also appreciate the respect and courtesy with which older men tend to treat them. Sexually, older men have a tendency to be more attentive to a woman’s needs.

How should I deal with my friends and family? Many times, even if your family and social peers are skeptical at first, when they see how happy you are together, they will be supportive. For those who cannot accept young women dating older men, the best thing is to let it be their problem, not yours.

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